Saturday, December 20, 2008

Z End :)

I think this would be the end of this blog. Such an ubrupt end keda mesh 3arfa gat ezay with no mokademat. bs i think it's time to start over or start in a new page w no2ta w men awel el satr ba2a .. kefaya kda :))

Let's have a fresh start.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a thought!

Just an old thought that resurfaced recently, just thinking that life is much easier when there are ppl you can talk to, who can be your crying shoulder, and most importantly, ppl you whom you can rely on.
It's just is a lot easier when there are good friends around.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Summer !?!

I'm finally glad that those heat waves are starting to fade out. Summer has been exhausting and overrated. Like every year summer had brought out the lazy, relaxed me again. But this year it was a little different. A little intense and blue. I really can't say i hated it, it was actually some sort of an eye opener to me. I learned a lot and had fun, had the break i planned and had the relaxation i needed and i hope i had enough. Although this summer hasn't ended yet but I feel like it has, and i feel that this year is already ending, like i feel it's already December and it's actually scaring me!!!
For the almost the first time in my life i was dreaded by a year ending and another beginning. It's the first time " this year's resolution" really means something to me. I always felt like these resolutions thing are reallly overrated. Every year ppl write their resolutions and I won't be surprised if they are the very same last year's resolutions like losing weight and working harder or reading more books!! This is the "overrated" resolution i'm talking about. That's why i hated it coz i really don't like being disappointed, and unless there's some drastic change i'm making to achieve at least one of these goals then this is just a waste of time. This year I really " need " to have a resolution, but i also don't know what drastic change i'm going to make. I don't think i want to change my lifestyle, except of course for leaving this laaaazy me back in the bubble, then me leaving the bubble :D and start my engines, or rather start over my life :D That's why i don't know what to write in this year's resolution. i have no idea what to do, but i so desperately want to know what to do! Surprisingly I know what i do not want to do. I don't want to get stuck in some routine life which is boring enough for me to even notice. I want to do something I want!! I simply want to be HAPPY! I don't want to be one of those ppl who are complaining all the time even when life is just almost perfect, or at least they don't even know what they are complaining about and they are just taken up by moods they don't even know where do they come from. I think part of this phobia is caused by movies and sit-coms, they are all talking about this drastic change that would happen one day, that sb who left their great job to pursue their dream and how they end up. they tell you how it ends up already!! and leave you to dread it or to fantasize about it! sometimes i wonder if that's the truth, and I usually find my mind telling me NO. Although it might be true for some ppl, but what makes me one of these ppl!! these ppl are like having extraordinary powers ! I used to believe that each one have this extraordinary power to do sth, sth that most ppl wud do as efficiently. But now i really am confused I don't know what to think anymore.

yaaaa rab atla3 mn el bubble 3la 7'eir w akteb el resolutions ba2a :D

Thursday, July 12, 2007

(I) Get Lost

The song made me look back and realize that ppl don't see the situation from each other's eyes they just judge and expect. Expectations increase and get bigger and bigger, until one day you just look back and think this is not the person I liked, this is totally someone else. Then you just might forget why you liked them in the first place. It's just painful.

The lyrics goes as follows;

I’m sorry.

Why should I say I’m sorry?

If I hurt you,

You know you’ve hurt me too.

But you get lost inside your tears,

And there is nothing I can do,

’cause I get lost inside my fear

That I am nothing without you.

You’re angry.

Why shouldn’t you be angry?

With what we’ve been through,

Well I get angry too.


’cause I am nothing without you.

Why should we have taken so long

To be looking inside of our mind?

Everything we tried went wrong.

Are we worried ’bout what we might find?

I’m sorry,

But can I say I’m sorry?

If I hurt you,

You know it hurts me too.


And you get lost inside your tears,

And there is nothing we can do,

’cause I get lost inside my fear

That I am nothing without you.

’cause I am nothing without you.

And I am nothing without you.

’cause I am nothing without you.

’cause I am nothing without you.

I only know the version of Eric Clapton, don't know if there are any other versions.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google finally in Cairo!

Saw this pic this morning and really made my day .. I loved the comment too :D This can so take the "only in Egypt" tag :D

It's comment read: "I don't think this guy did any market research before opening in this neighborhood were not many people own a PC let alone interested in Google! "

Google finally in Cairo!,
originally uploaded by mnadi.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

If it makes You Happy...

Just can't get it out of my head
the very same line repeats itself over and over again

If it makes you happy ; It can't be that bad!
Sheryl Crow

P.S.: With all the respect ya Sheryl :D bs i beg to differ :D

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Happy Post :D

mabda2yan keda da mesh happy post 7'ales :D .. it's just there has been a looot of funny responses i got about a post posted a couple of posts back keda :D (ba7awel ma2olhash 10 marat )

The funny thing ba2a is that many ppl thought i was talking about them, some were surprised, some were like "eh da ", and some got offended. elly got offended dol ba2a ely da7akoony because it was a total joke between me and a friend and they really took it seriously and personally. I really didn't mean that w sorry ya3ni if anybody got offended bs most of the ppl who got offended didn't get the point. Anyway that's why it's funny for ppl cause kol elly 3la rashom bat7a came forward and called or made contact to know if i was talking about them cause i read what they wrote about a friend wla 7aga :Dtab3an mafeesh 7aga mn di 7asalet w I never wud 've known aslan.

It got hilarious ba2a for me when somebody thought i wrote that because sb did that to me and wrote sth about me and i read it .. LOL. ofcourse when i wrote it, it brought some memories of the sort, some of which might've been about me. But what really triggered this wasn't about me .. actually it was about a person "X" and they are not exactly my friend. I just happened to see sth offensive about them. As always i never thought those two ppl could know each other, bs they did :D it was like: that post is about "X" ? .. well yeah do you know them!! .. yeah used to :D .. :| .. tab3an they knew later that "X" isn't my friend bs still i refused offending ppl and we laughed about it and it was a joke w 7'alas :D ... well that person "X" is not really a friend actually i don't really like them anymore and i won't use the word hate just because i don't really care that much :D well they knew tab3an that the fact that this "X" is alive isn't really of interest bs my point was that i hate offending ppl and talking behind their backs.. i don't mean gossip, we all gossip (not like it's a good thing or ath) bs the idea in general sounds bad to me .. anyway tab3an ironically i found out that "X" was talking badly of me for some time now.

Anyway kol da bardo 3shan ba2a 2a2ool what really surprised me is me bardo ( self centerd, ana 3arfa), i didn't regret it a bit that i refused the idea of talking badly about "X", it didn't feel like it was for "X", cause i really don't care about "X", bs it's the idea in general. I mean, writing this reminds me that i've always been like that, i once said it to a person whom i didn't know very well, "mateshtemsh el nas". I didn't know that person 7'aaaaales he was a friend of a friend of a friend , ya3ni bebasata el rad ykoon wenty malek aw 7'aleeky f nafsek aw simply simply simply yenfadly, bs i never liked the idea. bardo i don't mean gossip, we all gossip, it's not a good thing but it happens. bs i don't insult ppl , sa7ee7 i make it clear i don't like them bs i don't insult them w i don't talk badly of them infront of ppl who don't know them very well. bardo for the ppl who got offended ma3lesh :D 7'erha f 3'eirha , ma3 en mesh kolohom yestahlo bs w malo :D

bs the funny thing is that many ppl thought this was about them .. you know you can try this for fun every once in while .. it was really an eye-opener n kol wa7ed 3la raso bat7a :D you just have to know what kind of bat7a to trigger. :D

P.S. ya reit bardo el nas matensanash beda3awatha 3shan el sana lessa ma7'lsetsh w ya rab kol ely 3ando mashroo3 yegeeb imtiaz :D